Pump maintenance

Ease of maintenance and expert service from industry experts!

  • We service a large number of pump brands and, because we manufacture 95% from the spare parts we use ourselves, we are able to deliver the required part to the customer in the required time.
  • By outsourcing its pumping services to JFT the customer's process efficiency is improved because the customer can focus fully on their core competencies.
  • To the customer the most cost effective the solution is to combine eccentric screw and centrifugal pump services.
  • In addition, we maintain coating submersible pumps for industry, the municipal sector, real estate, the construction and earthmoving industries, and the mining industry.
  • In submersible pumps, we service all brands of pumps
  • In connection with maintenance, we also supply new spare parts for the pumps if necessary.
  • We also service and replace mechanical seals.
The pump is always delivered based on the yield and material requirements required by the customer's process. Possibility to obtain with braided seal or customer-specified mechanical seal.
Ceramic coated pump housing
Refurbished rotor

Refurbished pump

Rehabilitation savings

  • Renovations of rotors and impellers.
  • For rotors of eccentric screw pumps, it is advisable to ask for a refurbishment offer if the diameter is more than 80 mm and the rotor is chrome-plated.
  • Rotor refurbishment brings savings and is done by removing chromium, fill welding, grinding and re-chromating. Inquire about the possibility of refurbishing your rotor.
  • The ceramic coating can also be applied to other wear surfaces such as rotors, pump housings, conveyor screws and other wear surfaces.
  • Renovation services can repair an already worn surface or prevent the new surface from wearing out.